Reusable face mask

Using a face mask for coronavirus is increasingly common in the world. In fact has strongly recommended that people use a face mask for flu and other virus protection.


In response to this recommendation, here we now offers the silicone Mask, a reusable earloop face mask made from food grade silicone and featuring a disposable white mouth and nose covers.  comfortable for long periods of use, and adjustable to various face shapes.


 Silicone masks are suitable for wearing for a long time and more comfortable. silicone masks are not easy to cause allergic reactions and are not easy to case facial indentations.Silicone mask filter cotton can be replaced. Generally, silicone masks have a filter box. There are different filter materials in the filter box, and the material is different. The "division of labor" is different. These filter materials have high filtering effects and can be replaced. It is easy to clean and easy to replace.


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