RFID Park Experience

RFID Park Experience

Time is changing, and guest expectations are constantly increasing. Every water amusement park hopes to provide guests with the highest level of customer service, safety and convenience.

Today, there are already proven models that prove that the return on investment of RFID has surpassed simple cashless payment solutions.

In the past few years, many people have considered using RFID wristbands to improve its operational performance, but compared with traditional disposable paper barcodes or color wristbands, RFID wristbands cannot overcome the initial cost. No operator can sell enough snow cones to pay for RFID wristbands. They must be part of a larger service network that can generate additional revenue and brand awareness.

RFID wristbands are becoming more and more common in major parks. They provide a full range of services, including:

Admission ticket

Secure season pass holder ID

Cashless payment


Queuing system

Today's innovative applications dovetail together to leverage a common device, reducing costs while improving customer experience with greater engagement and loyalty. 

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RFID Park ExperienceRFID Park Experience

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