RFID Wristbands For Waterpark

RFID Wristbands for Waterpark 

The Waterpark RFID wristband is designed to stay in the water so you can track guests. The durability and water resistance of Plastic, vinyl and silicone wristbands are particularly suitable for theme parks. It is used by water parks all over the world.

The vinyl wristband is perfect for multiple days of use. Each wristband is soft and comfortable, equipped with a secure snap button. The vinyl wristband is completely waterproof and can last for 2 weeks.

If you want to strengthen the brand image of the park, consider a custom wristband highlighted in the logo and message.

About water park Rfid system

Rfid applications in amusement parks and water parks are mainly based on the application of Rfid bracelets. Through the intelligent management system, we can remotely and effectively identify tourists. In addition, the system supports electronic payment functions and digitally recharges consumers, effectively avoiding counterfeit currency intruding into shareholders.

The payment function of the smart wristband has sufficient security guarantee, and all payment behaviors are verified and approved by the wristband holder. Each visitor has his own UID after receiving his Smart Band RFID wristband. The RFID tag of the wristband stores information about the cardholder, and uses this information to open the door of the hotel and allow customers to spend.

The water park has installed RFID readers in kiosks, vending machines, game areas, etc. The reader sends the consumer's consumption information to the hotel's database to calculate the visitor's final account. Micros System provides POS data services for Great Wolf Lodge.

Advantages of RFID wristband for waterparks and amusement parks

Keyless lockers: visitors can get RFID-based silicone wristbands, which can be used to rent and unlock lockers,

Cashless payment: Consumption of food, drinks and souvenirs at the restaurant in the water park.

Electronic ticket: Identify customers and replace boring traditional tickets.

Electronic payments: make payments safe and comfortable

Park tracking: Managers can find the location of visitors in the water park

Restricted area warning: When visitors enter the restricted area, the system will automatically alarm to ensure that visitors are safe in time.

RFID Wristbands For Waterpark

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