Side Effects Of Wearing Masks For A Long Time

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia

Masks have been covering our faces for a long time

As long as you go out, you need to wear a mask

"The trouble of wearing a mask" also followed

Indentation, acne, allergy, chest tightness

How many of the following "side effects" do you get?

If the skin is damaged, consider changing the type of mask

Wearing a mask for a long time (especially N95 mask), the skin is pressed and rubbed by the ear belt and nose clip of the fixed mask. The back of the ear, nose bridge, cheek and zygoma have become the serious disaster areas of strangulation marks.

The easiest way to avoid streaks is to change the size, material and type of mask.

Replace the N95 mask

Although N95 mask is the first choice to protect the new coronavirus, it is enough to wear disposable medical mask in office, open outdoor and other places where the crowd is not too dense, and the disposable medical mask has less pressure on the skin.

Reduce the wearing time of mask properly

According to the environment, the duration of wearing masks can be reduced appropriately. In places where the personnel are relatively fixed and the crowd is not dense, the position of the mask can be appropriately changed to reduce local pressure; if the environmental hygiene conditions permit, the mask can be removed every 2-3 hours for a rest to relieve local skin pressure.

Apply Moisturizer

Before wearing the mask, apply moisturizer to the parts with high pressure of the mask to reduce irritation.

Choose the right mask size

General masks have s, m, l three sizes, according to the size of the face and head, choose the appropriate size of the mask. Before wearing the mask, adjust the tightness of the mask to avoid indentation of the elastic band of the mask because it is too tight.

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