Silicon 3D Face Mask Support Bracket

silicon 3D face Mask support Bracket

Protect lipstick from makeup, non-stick lipstick, increase breathing space and help smooth breathing
You can reuse the mask holder to increase the number of times you use the mask and solve the problem of insufficient masks
Wear a mirror to prevent fogging and keep the inside of the mask hygienic
Unique design: The 3D mask holder is designed to fit the face of the nose bridge. Breathe more smoothly, breathable and stuffy


Bullet Points: 
1、Protect Your Makeup: Can protect your face makeup and avoid lipstick sticking to fabric. 
2、Make Glasses-wearing Comfortable: Scientific 3D stereo bracket, don't get foggy when wearing glasses.. 
3、Smooth Your Breath: Suitable for face design of nose bridge, breathing is smoother, breathable and not stuffy. 
4、Perfect for Summer: Especially suitable for summer use, thus expanding space and helping to breathe smoothly. 
5、Small Tip: This product is a 3D bracket and the product does not contain other products. 

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