Silicone attaching plug case

In our daily life ,scokets and plugs is uauslly saw everywhere,such as Television ,computer and household appliance we keep safety especially children when plug .often we touch the mental part when pull out the plug incautions and shock by the power . It is dangerous for the children .If the attaching plug with a safely case ,the problem will solve .


Silicone attaching plug case

This silicone attaching plug case can cover the head of the plug ,to protect the people from prower .for the transparent and elastic part ,plug keep both humanistic and safety and also in the cheap way .It is made of silicone materials .It is a telescoping case .Silicone plug case can  Completely cover the plug palping foot .When insert the plug into socket ,silicone plug case can automatic compression .Silicone materials are excellent electrical performance and high temperature resistance . The high temperture is Maximum 260 degrees .Silicone rubber are good resistance to chemical, fuel oil and oil .Silicone attaching plug are odorless ,tasteless and non-toxic .It is a safety products .

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