Silicone baby spoon new listing

silicone baby spoon uses of the food grade silicone material, through the FDA, EEC, LFGB international certification, the silicone material has good flexibility, won`t hurt the baby`s mouth, with high and low temperature resistance properties, high temperature resistance can reach 230 degrees, compared with other materials having longer service life, and can be directly put in the dishwasher.

The characteristics of silicone baby spoon is non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, disinfection, clean and soft, to protect the baby gum has special functions. Silicone baby spoon is an ideal infant feeding tableware, soft texture, baby grab easily, improve your baby eating fun. Jiajie Rubber & Plastic co.,Ltd production of various of silicone baby products (such as silicone baby bottle, silicone baby toothbrush, silicone baby spoon), welcome to come to choose!

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