Silicone keyboard protective film is very important

silicone keyboard protective film uses high quality imported of silicone material, in line with the European ROHS standards. It has the characteristics, allows you to see the sign of the keyboard, typing is not affected, the surface with anti-skid function, let you typing more easily.

Silicone keyboard protective film texture is soft, adsorption, tightly attached keyboard, keyboard protective film is not easy to shift, wrinkle-free design, it has high elastic characteristics immediately recovery after kneading healing, and can be freely folded flat, does not leave the crease, you can carry or wash very conveniently. It has chemical properties of stable, high temperature resistant, have a -60 to 250 degrees of heat resistance.

Silicone keyboard protective film with waterproof, dust-proof, wear-resistant, moisture-proof role, it can avoid liquid, dust, dirt into keyboard, the effective protection of keyboard following electronic components is not dust, water erosion, don`t have to worry about water, cola, coffee, dust, ash, crumbs and other objects to damage computer. Silicone keyboard protective film prevent the keyboard and character of the surface wear, ensure that you have a new and health of keyboard.

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