Silicone Liquid Droppers With Bulb

silicone Liquid Droppers with Bulb

Liquid droppers are made of food-grade silicone and Plastic, which can be used with food and liquid, safe and durable. The silicone head can be removed from the liquid dropper for easy cleaning. There is a clear scale on the liquid dropper, which can effectively control the liquid volume.

STRONG FUNCTION: Liquid droppers are mainly used for various liquids, candy, glue, making molds. Liquid droppers can also be used for food decoration, essential oils, scientific experiments, art crafts. It is a good choice for children to carry out creative activities and interesting scientific experiments.

EASY TO CLEAN: The temperature resistance range of silicone liquid dropper is -40F to 230F. Please pay attention to the liquid temperature when using them, and do not let the glue contact the silicone head. The plastic liquid dropper and the silicone head can be detached, and the dropper can be cleaned with a cleaning brush.

Silicone Liquid Droppers With Bulb

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