Silicone Mask Will Become More And More Popular

silicone mask will become more and more popular, dont worry about changing the mask every day!


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global medical and personal protective materials, especially masks, have been in short supply. At the same time, some areas are facing the critical period of resumption of work and school opening, and the demand for masks is growing explosively.

Silicone mask use with the food grade silicone material. Silicone rubber raw materials have excellent environmental protection, food level standards, good transparency, high and low temperature aging resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent performance. They are widely used in the production of various medical masks, medical pipe fittings, special labor protection products and personal care products. The main advantage of silicone mask is that it can be used repeatedly, and the intermediate hot-melt cloth can be replaced, saving money A lot of cost.


At present, kn95 silicone mask is widely used. It is mainly designed with 4-layer filter element. It can effectively filter bacteria, droplets, dust and other substances in the air, and the filtering efficiency is more than 95%. Its main process consists of liquid injection molding and solid-state molding. The material is produced and processed by the gas-phase adhesive which can reach the food level environmental protection. It can reach the baby pacifier material, safety, environmental protection and skin friendly comfort. Silica gel products can be reused after simple replacement of filter element.

Silicone Mask Will Become More And More Popular

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