Silicone Material Also Can Make The Ashtray

Among the daily necessities, the ashtray can be regarded as a kind of daily necessities that will be placed in every family and public area. Its function is mainly aimed at male smokers. According to the statistics of the tobacco bureau, there are more than 30% smokers in China. It can be imagined that ashtray has become the basic daily necessities of every family and company. Therefore, it has a large consumption and a wide range of demand, and glass and hardware The ashtray of material is the first material for consumers. However, with the development of creative gifts in recent years, silicone material has gradually replaced this series of products. Ashtray is one of them, which uses silica gel instead of metal glass material. Have you ever heard of silicone ashtray?

Silica gel material is the main material of many kinds of products at present. With the development of material, the material of civil silicone rubber products is gradually improved, and it is widely used in many industries such as daily necessities and electronic construction. The reason why it can replace ashtray is mainly because of the particularity of the material, environmental protection, safety, high and low temperature resistance, anti falling and anti-collision It's a different effect.

Compared with the glass material, it has an absolute advantage in the anti-collision and anti-collision. If the glass ashtray falls from a high altitude, it will be broken if the glass ashtray is thicker. Secondly, the edges and corners of the glass may crack after the collision with different strength. The silica gel has no need to worry about this. Because of the softness of the material, it can fall from high altitude and will not be damaged It has good resilience and shock absorption effect, and can stretch and rebound for a long time.

Compared with metal materials, silica gel materials also occupy certain advantages. As there are many different materials for hardware materials, including steel, copper and aluminum, their defects lie in the black dirt from the cigarette end after being used for a long time, which makes it difficult to clean up. After a long time, it will become more and more dirty. However, the silica gel is not allowed. Unless the surface is burned by a fire, it will be caused In addition to the damage, the catalytic effect of the smoke is still better, can be cleaned at any time, no dirt traces.

Silicone rubber ashtray has many advantages. From the material, it belongs to the environmental protection type, the material is safe and non-toxic, long-term environmental impact will not appear aging phenomenon, there is no need to worry about burning phenomenon, in addition, its material is light and easy to clean, can be moved at any time, and in addition to these advantages, silicone products manufacturers can also customize different colors and surface effects according to your requirements In terms of manufacturing cost, silica gel also has advantages over other types of ashtrays.

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