Silicone oil for sewing thread

[Performance characteristics]

This product is a compound of polydimethylsiloxane, with small change of viscosity temperature coefficient and low surface tension. High lubricity, adhesion and retention, low price, wide range of applications.

[Technical index]

1. Appearance: transparent colorless liquid

2. Viscosity (25oC, CP): 500-1000

3. Specific gravity (25oC): 0.90-0.95

4. Effective substance content: 100%

[Product application]

This product is suitable for the lubrication treatment of sewing thread, all kinds of fiber thread and special thread, so as to improve the sewing effect, improve its tear resistance, prevent thread breakage and jumper, and improve the strength of thread. At the same time, it has antistatic effect and high-speed smoothness, softness and luster enhancement of reinforced thread.

[Usage and dosage]

The oil is stored in the wire box. After passing through the oil surface in the box, the remaining oil is absorbed by sponge or blanket cloth, and then directly made into pagoda thread for direct sewing. The other is that the line is placed in the rotary stirring pot, and the oil is directly put into the line and stirred evenly. According to the sewing oil rate between 2-5%.

[Packaging, storage and transportation]

1. The product should be stored in a clean and sealed container to avoid mixing with other impurities. Do not touch open flame.

2. The product is packed in 50kg and 25kg Plastic drums.

3. The product is stored and transported as non dangerous goods.

Silicone oil for sewing thread

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