Silicone oil is generally used in the following four application

1. Application in mechanical and electrical engineering industrial production: dimethyl silicone oil is widely used in motors, household appliances, mechanical electronics, as insulation material with high temperature resistance, corona discharge resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and antifouling, and is also used as prepreg for transformer, power capacitor, TV scanner, transformer, etc. In a variety of precision machinery, equipment and instrument panel, as a liquid seismic, vibration damping raw materials. Dimethylsiloxane oil has little effect on the vibration attenuation characteristics of the engine, and it is mainly used in the instrument panels used in the places with obvious mechanical equipment vibration and large change of working temperature, such as the instrument panels of airports and cars. It can be used for anti-seismic, shock absorption and stable reading of instrument panel. It can also be used as liquid spring yellow and used in landing equipment of airport.

2. As film stripper: because of its non adhesion with vulcanized rubber, plastics, metal materials, etc., it is also used as film stripper for various vulcanized rubber and Plastic products, and in precision castings. It is not only convenient to take out the mold, but also makes the surface of the product clean, bright and clean, and the grain is clear.

3. As defoamer additive: because the interfacial tension of silicone oil is small and does not dissolve water, organic chemistry in animal and vegetable oil and high melting point mineral oil is reliable and non-toxic. As defoamer additive, it has been widely used in crude oil, diagnosis and treatment, pharmaceutical industry, food production and processing, textile, printing and dyeing factory, paper industry and other manufacturing industries. It is necessary to add 10-100ppm methyl silicone oil Preparation of excellent defoamer auxiliary effect.

4. Make insulating layer, antifouling and mould removing coating: dip a layer of dimethylsilicone oil on the surface of laminated glass and ceramics, and after quenching and tempering at 250-300 ℃, a layer of semi permanent moisture-proof, mould removing and dielectric strength plastic film can be produced. The dielectric strength of the components can be improved by using it to solve the insulation layer components. The optical equipment can avoid the mildew of glasses and prism. The medicine bottle can increase the shelf life of the medicine without damaging the traditional Chinese medicine preparation due to sticking to the wall. The surface layer can reduce the friction and increase the service life of the film. 1As lubricant: This product is suitable for vulcanized rubber, plastic bearings, transmission gear lubricant. It can also be used as the lubricant for the overturning friction of stainless steel plate against steel or the friction between steel and other metal materials. However, because the wettability of dimethyl silicone oil is not particularly good at room temperature, it is not strongly recommended as the lubricant for metal materials at room temperature.

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