Silicone oil is unlikely to block pores

silicone oil brings some kind of panic to everyone. The most popular rumor is that silicone oil blocks pores and even causes hair loss. What about the actual situation? There is no evidence that silicone oil will clog pores and cause hair loss. However, we can discuss the possibility of silicone oil plugging pores through some theoretical analysis. ——Very small, of course.

Possibility 1: silicone oil washed away by water

Silicone oil used in hair care products is also soluble in water. Hydrophilic things are easy to wash off when washing hair, but also more difficult to block oil-bearing pores. Hydrophilic silicone oils commonly used in hair care products include polydimethylsiloxane alcohol and ammonia terminated polydimethylsiloxane alcohol (you can find these silicone oil components by paying attention to the composition list of shampoo). Such silicone oil is easy to be washed off by water, and is relatively not easy to remain on the scalp.

Possibility 2: the oil secreted by the skin washes away the silicone oil

There are also water-insoluble silicone oil, or hydrophobic silicone oil, in hair care products. However, hydrophobicity can be divided into lipophilic and silicophilic. Silicone oil is not the same as oil (such as the oil secreted from the skin), and not all oils and silicone oil can dissolve together. If you want to block the pores, the most effective way is to mix with the oil in the pores to make the original oil more viscous and form the hard things like the "horn bolt" like the acne muscle, and then block the pores.

There are many kinds of silicone oil, and there are also many kinds of oil composition in pores. Whether these oil components and silicone oil can really form a hard "corner bolt", I am not optimistic about this. Interested research institutions can take this as a starting point to do experimental research. Most likely, silicon forms a thin film on your skin, and the pores keep secreting oil, which gradually washes away the silicone oil.


 Silicone oil is unlikely to block pores


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