silicone resin

     silicone are most commonly associated with the ubiquitous silicone fluid and rubber products widely used as sealants and release agents.silicone resins are,however,probably one of the most useful of the silicone family of products are used in a host of industtial and domestic applications,silicone resins are all formulated on a foundation of siloxane compositions which echibit excellent bonding,heat,and UV resistant and isolative charcateristics.these resins are available as solvent based or solvent free liquids or in dry flake form.

    silicone resin is the lesser known of the three main silicone product subgroups which include silicone rubbers and fluids.silicone resins are complex,heavily branched olugosiloxanes produced by exposing  various silicone precursors to a hydrolytic condensation process.The end product is available in the form of flake resuns and solvent based or solvent free liquids.Silicone resin is an extremely versatile  and safe product which has numerous uses in a wide range of industries where it is used as a binder.sealant,insulation agent,or weatherproofing additive.silicone resins exhibit excellent electrical insulation,ultraciolet protection,water repeling,and heat resistant qualities.

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