Silicone RFID Radio Frequency Identification Technology Application Field

RFID radio frequency identification technology application field. Warehouse/Transportation/Materials: RFID chips are embedded in the goods and stored in warehouses, silicone RFID shopping malls and other goods and logistics processes. The relevant information of the goods is automatically collected by the reader, Silicone RFID and the management personnel can quickly query the goods information in the system. In the field of cold chain logistics, RFID tags are embedded on the pallets, Silicone RFID which can cooperate with the warehouse management system to achieve real-time inventory, accurate and accurate. The tags are equipped with antennas, RFID chips and temperature sensors, and a button battery, Silicone RFID because they also have digital identification And temperature information, can well meet the requirements of cold chain temperature monitoring.

Access Control/Attendance: For companies or large conferences,Silicone RFID if you enter your identity or fingerprint information in advance,Silicone RFID you can identify and sign in through the door identification system, which saves a lot of time and is convenient and labor-saving. Fixed asset management: Some places with large assets or valuable items, such as libraries,Silicone RFID art galleries and museums, require complete management procedures or strict protection measures. When the storage information of books or valuable items changes abnormally,Silicone RFID it will be Remind the administrator in the system for a while to deal with the relevant situation.

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