Silicone RFID Radio Frequency Identification Technology Principle Application Range

Train/car identification/baggage security inspection:silicone RFID The vehicle dispatching system of my country's railways is a typical case. Automatic identification of vehicle numbers and information input saves a lot of manual statistical time and improves accuracy. The application of ETC fast lane on expressway toll stations, Silicone RFID ETC (Electronic Non-stop Toll Collection System), Silicone RFID ETC special lanes are for those vehicles equipped with ETC vehicle-mounted devices, Silicone RFID using electronic toll collection.

The principles and applications of rfid radio frequency identification technology are summarized here. The future development direction of RFID should establish a unified technical standard,Silicone RFID develop reasonable privacy protection technology,Silicone RFID and reduce costs. Only in this way can the application and development of RFID technology be further promoted.Silicone RFID I believe more and more industries will use it later.

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