Silicone rubber gaskets are prominent in today’s society!

    silicone rubber gaskets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes,they are used in many different applications. To creat a seal is the main function of the silicone gaskets. O-rings we commonly see belong to silicone rubber gaskets. A few gaskets require the application of sealants directly to the gasket surface in order for it to function properly.


    Silicone gaskets are applied in variety of industries,  car engineering, aerospace, construction and catering count, just to name a few. They are very common between two or more surfaces, on which a fluid leak or air must be included. Now, let me take a example of its application as follow.


    Silicone rubber gaskets for car engines. Specially, they are used as valve covers-to form a protective shield over an engine’s valves.The valve cover gasket is a piece of rubber or cork, which is used to keep a tight seal. Silicone rubber is a newer material, since cork rubber used to be the material of choice in car engines. There are other types of rubber available , but none that can mould to the shape of the engine quiet as well as silicone.

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