Silicone rubber is an ideal materia for many industries.

    As we all known that silicone rubber is a very important material applied in many different sectors, such as agriculture and dairy industry, food and drink industry, medical and surgery industry, and so on…


    Now, let me see the properties of silicone rubber products as follows:
1,silicone rubber with high and low temperature resistance, it can be working longtime during -60º~300º without beformation.
2,silicone rubber with high flexible performance, it can be uesd to risistant pressure, such as flexible silicone foam sheet we commonly see in the clothes industry.
3,silicone rubber is easy to clean and sterilise, making it even easier to reduce total bacteria counts.
4,silicone rubber is high non-toxic, high food grade, high stable performance. 
It is because of its own so many advantages, it is widely used in various industries.


    Let me take a example-its application in the food and drink industry. Food grade silicone rubber can be found in many formats to suit various requirements. The silicone tubings for water machine, cafe kettle, and bread machine are all belong to this high food grade silicone rubber products. Overall speaking, silicone rubber is an exceeding important material in the modern life, there are many varieties, such as silicone gift, silicone houseware, silica gel doll, etc.

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