Silicone rubber use in medicine

      silicone rubber use in medicine will have a more promising future. Condensation type silicone rubber foam is a hydroxy-terminated silicone rubber as the base material, the foaming agent is a hydroxyl silicone oil, a vinyl platinum complex catalyst (heated catalyst dibutyltin dilaurate), in curing the foamed sponge-like elastic body made of a perforated at room temperature. To improve the quality of the foam also adding some other components, such as those containing silicone, so that the curing process to produce more gas; improve the texture and to reduce foam density. Join diphenylsilandiol not only to control the foam structure, but also to control the rubber viscosity increases during storage, but the amount is not too much, otherwise it will affect the electrical properties of the foam. In order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the foam, a transparent silicone rubber may also be added. The catalyst complexes of chloroplatinic acid in an amount of vinyl not be too easy to operate, and may otherwise cause the operation is not conducive to an increase in viscosity; insufficient when the amount of catalyst, curing is incomplete, tacky surface of the foam, not elastic well, with a soft and Plastic, intensity difference. Foam is liquid silicone rubber before vulcanization, suitable for potting material. After curing the foam at long-term use -60-159 ℃, after 150 ℃, 72 hour old, or a 60 to 70 ℃ ten ten times using alternating hot and cold, still maintaining the original properties of the foam. Since the silicone rubber foam having a high thermal stability, good insulation resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, shock resistance, especially at high frequency shock resistance, and therefore it is an ideal lightweight packaging materials. For a variety of electronic components, equipment, instruments, instrument flying body can play quot wheels, moisture, shock, quot quot three anti-corrosion protective effect. But can also do the insulation sandwich filler material and salt spray atmosphere of floating materials and sealing materials. Silicone rubber foam padding in medicine but also as orthopedic, repair and re-clothing materials.

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