Silicone sealing ring-the important component of solar heater

    As the major component-silicone sealing ring, it quality is very important. As we all known that solar heater is applied to outdoor place, it must be undergo very worst environment. In the south areas, the temperature of solar heater tank can be reach at 140º, and on the contrary, at the north areas, the temperature can reach at -30º in winter, under the wicked environment, the high quality silicone seal ring can protect solar heater working very well.


    At present, some of solar heater factory adopt low-grade sealing ring on the machine in order to save money, this immoral action maybe make a big affection for product, such as leaking water. So, when we buy solar heater, we must take more seriously about its component instead of ignoring.


    Our company depend on the problem above, our engineers invent a sort of silicone ring of high cold and heat resistant, liquid resistant, anti-aging, non-toxic and tasteless. Welcome new and old clients to guidance.

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