Silicone sealing strips for doors and windows

    In the construction industry, a new product-silicone sealing strip is gradually popular. In the past, we can usually see that our doors and windows are destroyed by water and rain soon after fixing, and our wall maybe undergo damage, too. So, at recently years, silicone seal trip is applied to seal the door and the window, the strip is designed obeying the edge of object in order to seal well.


    Silicone sealing strips make a great effect on the doors and windows, firstly, that protect the people’s privacy because of its good sound insulation performance,  secondly,  it can protect door and wondow from rubbing and shaking so that delaying its service time, at last, it is complete non-toxic products, and it does’ t make any bad effect on our fitness.


    In addition, this silicone rubber sealing strips can be seen everywhere, such as bridge silicone sealing strip, silicone strip for disinfection cabinet and so on…  Besides silicone sealing strip, our factory also supply many of products such as silicone pipes, silicone sealing ring, silicone gift… Welcome come to guidance.

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