Silicone sealing strips

silicone sealing strips is widely used in electronics electrical appliance .Silicone sealing strips is flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, surface natural stickiness, specifically for use of gap transfer heat design production .Silicone sealing strips filled gaps for transfer heat from heating position to heat dissipation between parts ,and at the same time also have insulation, shock absorption, seal, etc. Function .Silicone sealing strips can satisfy the equipment miniaturization and ultrathin design requirements , manufacturability and practicability . Thickness of Silicone sealing strips is widely used .

The adventage of silicone sealing strips is high reliability ,high compressibility ,Soft and elasticity ,High thermal conductivity , nature viscous ,no additional surface adhesive  ,comply with ROHS,SGS and UL .Silicone sealing strips is apply for filling ,such as Circuit boards and Heatsink ,IC and Heatsink or shell between products and IC and the heat sink material (such as metal shield) .

Transparent Silicone mat is beautiful .the features of Silicone mat are shock, anti-skidding, anticollision, anti-scratch .Transparent Silicone mat are apply for organic glass ,Glass Crafts and showing stand ,household appliances ,furniture products , hardware fitting ,transparent Plastic products and so on . As each product derived , there are many silicone kitchenware mat ,for example honeycomb silicone insulation place mat is very popular .




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