Silicone tube surface dust treatment method


The solution to the extrusion of silicone tube dust absorption is actually very simple, but also reasonable operation, the simplest is to see the silicone tube placed flat in a clean environment by the air circulation flow to weaken the value of the adsorption, the longer the silicone tube placed on the adsorption capacity of the weaker, which is why we have seen in our daily lives for a period of time silicone tube does not absorb dust, but the brand new silicone tube is the reason for dust absorption. Therefore, for the manufacturers of silicone tube storage environment requirements are harsh whether it is from any part of the silicone is not allowed to sticky dust once the bonding dust will seriously affect the efficiency of shipping a very clean time for nothing, while the silicone tube has been sticky dust impurities is necessary to follow the clean operation.

  Dust treatment method: alcohol wipe method is currently should be one of the more widespread soil methods, the benefit is affordable and easy to operate need to note that the surface of the silicone tube after the alcohol wipe will be much cleaner, but at the same time will stimulate the adsorption value of silicone to lead to sticky dust impurities speed up again, so it is recommended that after the alcohol wipe silicone tube needs to be quickly packaged into a clean and sealed environment, such as PE bags, cartons, etc., do not be exposed to dust again in the environment, and alcohol is one of the dangerous chemicals need to be users after professional training before using alcohol to wipe the surface of the silicone tube dust.


  Treatment Method 2: Rubbing white oil in calendering, molding, liquid-solid injection process frequently used, the advantage is that the white oil cleanability is very strong, especially for silicone products, a little drop of white oil in the wipe with a skimmed cotton cloth works wonders, but it should be noted that the white oil has certain corrosive properties, but soon to be dried, so the use of white oil wipe silicone tube surface dust when the operator needs to wear gloves! The operation, and not for a long time white electric oil wipe silicone tube because it will cause corrosion of the surface of the product size of positive and negative tolerances to increase, it is recommended that white electric oil drops on the surface of the silicone tube within 3 minutes after the wipe to make it air dry, in summary, although the white electric oil is good but to control the amount.

  Treatment method 3: placed in water, found that the surface of the silicone tube sticky dust can be cooled directly after placing it in clean water can be added to the water to add trace bleach or can not be added to soak in water for several minutes after the time can be directly wiped, this method is simple and easy to operate and do not pay the cost. Place in water time is required not in the case of silica gel will have residual heat placed or easily lead to product tolerance narrowing of the lower limit of the product occurs, after placing in water to retrieve the need for mechanical or natural air drying this process takes some time will affect the speed of product delivery.

  Treatment method four: “sesame face” process, from the production point of view of silicone tube to solve the problem of surface dust, the adsorption value is stronger than the bright surface of the product, while the matte surface is not active dust absorption, “sesame face” silicone raw materials and normal differences in the production of bright surface rubber material surface of the product is relatively rough to touch the advantages of its rough surface is effectively isolated from the adsorption value of the enhanced situation, but the “sesame face” material products do not have the surface of the aesthetics of the bright surface products, which is inadequate.


  Treatment method 5: post-processing spray oil: silicone tube since the production of a variety of post-processing processes, spray oil is one of the silicone tube surface spraying a layer of special oily material and this material is very exclusive of dust, is the best of all treatment methods do not absorb dust does not stick to the dust, even if the aesthetics will also enhance a grade. Note that the cost is increasing, silicone tube is around the product for the spraying process is very difficult to spray evenly at the bottom is also easy to spray less, which leads to spraying process is not cheap, as well as spraying after the environmental protection capabilities will also drop a grade.

  Treatment method six: the environment quickly dry: silicone tube dust is mainly in the product will have residual heat of this period can try to avoid, this method is applicable to food-grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube and other products must be secondary sulfur products are also applicable to conventional products, you can use scientific methods to stagger this period of time can be molded in the product after its placement in the vicinity of an increase in high-power fans, through mechanical forced the environment to accelerate the speed of natural air drying while weakening the silicone tube’s ability to absorb dust.

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