Some Common Sense Of Using Nitrile Resistant Gloves

NBR glove material is NBR, a kind of synthetic rubber, the main components are acrylonitrile and butadiene, currently widely used in electronic factory, medical inspection, food industry, household work, chemical industry, aquatic industry, glass products and scientific research industries.

Features of nitrile gloves:

1. It is comfortable to wear, and it will not cause skin tension for a long time, which is conducive to blood circulation.

2. It does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, and has little allergy.

3. It has the advantages of short degradation time, easy treatment and environmental protection.

4. Good tensile strength, not easy to damage.

5. Good air tightness, the most effective to prevent dust emission.

6. It can effectively prevent organic solvents, resist certain pH and hydrocarbon attack.

7. Silicon free, antistatic, suitable for electronic industry.

8. The surface chemical residue is low, the ion content is low, and the particle content is small, which is suitable for the strict clean room environment.

Use of nitrile gloves:

1. When wearing Dingqing gloves for operation, pay attention to some sharp edges. These sharp edges are the most easy to penetrate Ding Qing gloves. Once a small hole is penetrated, the liquid can be immersed into the inside of the gloves, thus making the whole glove useless. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of careful operation in use, some industries must also wear gloves with finger cover.

2. Although nitrile gloves have excellent chemical resistance, they do not have any resistance to some highly corrosive things, so when using, you must see the scope of application clearly.

4. Ding Qing gloves are generally thin and elastic, so you should pay special attention to them when you wear them. You must wear them between your fingers and pull them up slowly.

5. Nitrile gloves generally have a service life, beyond a certain period of time, gloves will be aging and can not play any protective role. When using, pay attention to check the service life.

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