Teach you how to choose silicone coasters

Firstly, you need to be familiar with material properties to choose to suit your needs coasters. The coaster should be waterproof, anti scald resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance, moreover, environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free is other important requirement for choice.

Secondly, the choice of colors. For example, you couldn`t  display black coaster on black desktop, the color mated is the most reasonable choice. General black with white is the safest and never out of fashion choice, red with green will bring ue the vitality and vigor, and through the coaster can make the cup, desktop, and home environment embellishment and promotion.

In addition, silicone coaster is made of food grade silicone material, has environmental protection, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistant, waterproof and hot wear scratch of characteristics. At the same time, silicone coasters have rich colors, various of styles, affordable price, it is your best choice for coasters.

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