TEST REPORT OF HD-812 Thrips adjuvant

1. Place:Heze, Shandong

2. Time:January 1st ,2021

3. Test crop:Eggplant

4. Product name:HD-812 Thrips adjuvant

5. Test eggplant pests: thrips

6. Instructions:

(1) On January 12th, 2021, thrips occurred in 750 square meters of eggplant greenhouses, and the number of thrips per leaf was 25-35. Dissolve 30 ml of HD-812 thrips adjuvant in 45 liters of water, stir well, pour it into a 15 liter sprayer in three times, and spray on the front and back of each eggplant leaf.

(2) One day after spraying on January 13th, 2021, the mortality of thrips on the front and back of the eggplant in the whole greenhouse was observed to be around 87%. The death rate of thrips on the second day after spraying was above 95%, and on the third day By the seventh day, no surviving thrips were found.

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