1.Place:Shijiazhuang Pingshan

2. Time:April 15th,2021

3. Test crop: apple tree

4. product name:HD-813 Aphid adjuvant

4. Test apple tree pests: aphids

5. Instruction:

(1) On April 15th, 2021, a large area of aphids occurred in the apple tree planting base, with more than 76% of the affected area. The HD-813 aphid adjuvant was sprayed on the surface at a concentration of 1:500 times, and a total of 3 trees were tested.

(2) Two hours after spraying on April 15th, 2021, observe that all the aphids on the apple tree have died. The effect is better than the chemical pesticide (Imidacloprid).

4.Observation effect:

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