The Advantage Of Silicone Sausage Hot Dog Mold

The Advantage Of silicone Sausage Hot Dog Mold

The Silicone Sausage Hot Dogs Mold DIY Handmade is food grade silicone, Mom's' choices. DIY making 6 different favorite taste sausage for your kids. Also can be used for baking the cake , bread, and so on. And it is multi-purpose: the Party Chef Can Also Be Used to Make Sausage Cake Egg Intestine.Its good item for Christmas,party and other festival, you can enjoy the handmade hot dog, sausages with family.

The special design for 6 in 1 (6 Cavities) with white lid. Holes on the lid,steam easy to exhaust.Flexible non stick silicone mold, easy to clean. The Silicone Sausage Hot Dog Mold is easy to use. Press and Stuffs Up to 6 Patties at a Time,Hand Made Sausage Convenient Baking Type,No Need for Sheep's Intestines.

The sausages mold made of Premium Food Grade Silicone Material and 100% food grade silicone safe,Due to its molecular structure & durability,it allow your sausages bake faster.

Non-Stick and Dishwasher Safe:Due to the Mold's Non-stick Surface,You can Easily Push Your Sausage from the Mold while Keeping their Perfect Shape,When Clean It, Simply Hand-wash them or Put them in a dishwasher.

APPLICABLE DEVICES:Steamer Pot,Ovens,Microwave Ovens,Fridge.But,BBQ directly forbidden.Temperature Range:-40 to 446F.

USING ADVICES:Ensure six-cavity mold not empty,dry roasted forbidden.You can fulfill them with water.Brush the oil on the surface before baking,easier to release.DO NOT rinse immediately with cold water out of the oven to extend the service life.

The Advantage Of Silicone Sausage Hot Dog Mold

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