The Advantage Of The Silicone Sanitizer Holder

The Advantage Of The silicone Sanitizer Holder

The silicone sanitizer holder is ideal accessory for kid's sanitizers. The fun look and easy access will encourage them to sanitize more often. Holders attach nicely to children’s backpacks and can be easily hanged to their playrooms and bedrooms.

Add the silicone protector to every 30 ML sanitizing bottles to make it more functional and portable. Great for travel and quick trips to supermarkets, malls and various public places.

The colors make these cases easy to find. Use the holder to avoid the bottles from getting misplaced. Great to hang in the car, office and more.

The sanitizer holders allow a fun way to stay clean and dirt free. Avoid germs from spreading by attaching the bottles to bag handles instead of placing them inside the bags.

Add the soft adjustable bottle holders to party favors. Great gift set for family and friends on special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas.

The Advantage Of The Silicone Sanitizer Holder 

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