The Advantage Of The Silicone Savarin Mold

The Advantage Of The silicone Savarin Mold

Silicone Savarin Mold is made from high quality 100% food grade silicone; suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher, heat resistant to 450°f. They are made to last a lifetime. Non-stick & Easy Release. Multi-purpose: Use for candy molds, chocolate molds, cake molds, ice cube tray, crayon mold and jelly mold or as a cake topper, cake decorating. Flexible and easy to clean, Free use with dishwasher.

Nonstick silicone 18 cavity mini silicone savarin mold is easy to use and fit perfectly in your oven. To use it, you simply have to place the pan on a cookie sheet, fill and bake in a proper way, or you can simply place them directly on a regular cookie sheet. With our Pan, there is no need for sticky cooking spray or messy wrappers, just pop them and they are ready to go!

The versatile function mini silicone savarin mold is not only for muffin, but also can be used for cupcakes, chocolate coffee smoothies, mini lasagna cups, baked oatmeal cups, chicken pot pie cups and so much more. Muffins release easily from pan by pressing on the base and popping them out. No more unsightly ruined muffins and cupcakes to embarrass you in front of company. No more using elbow grease to scrub off encrusted cake.

The Advantage Of The Silicone Savarin Mold

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