The Advantage Of Using Reusable Straws

The Advantage of Using Reusable Straws

Using reusable straws is good for human health and the environment as they are made of food grade silicone material and BPA Free, they can be reusable and is environmentally friendly for earth. Qhat's more, they have the advantages with durable, reusable, and preventing the transfer of tastes and smells. Reusable straws won’t taste like orange juice after washing and sip water through the same straw.

Bright colors are great for distinguishing between your drink and someone else's. I think this long length allows them to be used in any size cup.

Reusable straws also comes with cleaning brushes to make cleaning easier. Only need to slide the brush through either the straight straws or bent straws, also we can put the straws directly in the dishwasher to make them clean.

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