The advantages and using methods of silicone cup caps

The advantages of silicone cup cap:
If there is no drinking some juice or tea, and we don’t  waste it, what can we do for this situation? Don’t be nervous, we have a tip to solve it with good quality silicone cup cap. Your just need a cap-silicone sealing cap. Because it is very soft and flexible, so it can grab the edge of cup firmly. This method not only prevent taste run off but also can prevent dirt dropping-in it.


The characteristics of silicone cup cap:
Silica gel products have many merits comparing with ordinary rubber products. Now, we can illustrate it with this kind of silicone cap. This kind of silicon cup cap is made of high quality silica gel material, it can easily reach at FDA level, and seal the cup very well, and it can undergo very high temperature, and there are various of design styles to take many people fancy.


Attention: please keeping the cap clean everytime,  and if you want to heat milk or juice, you’d better to open the cup.


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