The application of silicone rubber materials in food products

The silicone is also named silicone rubber . Many people who have not know silicone industry think they are two different materials .In fact ,silicone rubble materials is made of silicone material pass simple vulcanization .silicone rubber is made of 100% silicone rubber materials .Silicone rubber products is a good stability as silicone products .It is widely used in articles for daily use and many important industry such as medical treatment and aerospace and so on.
Silicone rubble materials also is widely used in food products . Many silicone kitchenware and silicone tableware are made of silicone rubber materials. There are comply with FDA ,LFGB and SGS .silicone baby nipple is a very typical example .Baby nipple is children necessities in daily life .Baby nipple can not be used without strict quality assurance .Silicone rubble daily products can be at ease used with quality assurance .
The newest news reports that water outlet of smart water dispenser is just developed is made of silicone rubble materials .The water outlet is safe and harmless ,so this smart water dispenser is called eco-friendly .


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