The cleaning methods of silicone mould

Most shapes of silicone mould is simple, it is helpful  to running production line and cleaning mould fouling. You can be changed through the extrusion profiles from the mould to change the angle scale in mould on the distribution. This way is very useful to mould cleaning. Mould fouling may also be interested in the product operator, to the production line at the downstream of further clearance.

Improvement of different material can produce different types of mould fouling, from thin to thick flowable soft. Thin flowable deposits may consist of low molecular polymer fractions caused, they die in the outlet and deposited on the mould surface. Thick soft fouling is often internal locabl bubble caused by melt.

You can use some lubricants to reduce fouling, but if too much, it may increase the deposit rate. Between different compontents of the chemical  compatibility here also played an important role. For example, incompatible polymer melt mixing together, often produce extremely serious mould fouling phenomenon. 

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