The company launched a drill about fire control!

    In order to enhance the fire consciousness, our company hold a fire drill specially. At 10:50 on November 11, all staff had prepared on the top of office building, this activity was commanded by vice president, he mainly taught us how to escape and how to protect ourselves when fire happened.
    This train action mainly divided into three parts. Firstly, vice president narrated fire classification, the notes and the escape skills. Secondly, there was the professional who gave us practical drill. And at last, all staff must practise this process personally.


The company launched a drill about fire control!


Vice president is trainning us professional fire control knowledge!


The company launched a drill about fire control!


A co-work is practising how to put out fire seat!


    Through this action, we all gained greatly, as the saying goes:   take preventive measures is more important than remedial measures.

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