The COVID-19 Is Not Over


COVID-19 is not over yet! There is a new infectious virus! It has spread to 13 countries around the world!



This year, the COVID-19 has swept the world. Now it has been half a year ago, but the epidemic situation in the world has not been well controlled. Even some countries have not only controlled a single outbreak, but also now have the two outbreak of the epidemic. Among them, the United States has the worst epidemic situation. Both the cumulative number of confirmed cases and the cumulative number of deaths are the highest in the world, and the major states in China have also experienced a rebound. The most serious country in Asia should be India. Due to its high population density, poor medical conditions and environment, some experts believe that the actual confirmed cases in India may be more than ten times higher than the official data. The epidemic in South Korea has stabilized, but recently there is bad news: a new virus has broken out in South Korea.


According to South Korean media reports, a new virus has been found in children, which is temporarily called "children's virus". Now two cases have been found in South Korea, both in children. But the two children were not diagnosed with new coronavirus infection. Experts said that after infection with the virus, there will be higher body temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, vasculitis and other symptoms, if the condition worsens, even internal organ failure, eventually leading to death. Today, South Korea is the first country in Asia to find the virus.



 The COVID-19 Is Not Over



In the first two months, a new virus has emerged in Europe. The virus also occurs in children, and nearly 100 children in France have been diagnosed with the virus, including three deaths. Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus was found in 60 of 145 children in New York in New York in May of this year. The governor of New York believes that the virus is highly related to the new coronavirus.



Today, 13 countries have found the virus, which is undoubtedly very bad news for all countries in the world. Today, the novel coronavirus vaccine has not been developed successfully, but now a new virus has emerged, which has one disaster after another.

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