The demands for synthetic rubber are growing rapidly in global

    Recently, GIA has been predicted the demands for synthetic rubber in global, this agency believe that global auto industry will be enhance the the amount of rubber rising when it is driven by global economy especially by emerging economies rapid development. China, America and Japan are also the major country which always lead the silicone rubber market. Especially china, because of its rapidly development in  auto industry make china becoming the country which growing the fastest in the world.  


    However, in the future five years, with the mature and the saturation of the auto industry, the speed of silicone rubber growing will be down in the world. But some areas such as the Asian-Pacific region, because of  these countries’ high growing amount of auto industry make the rubber demands rising rapidly.  These countries have low price of material and cheap labour, therefore, they will be a strong threatener to the Western Europe, North America and Japan market.


    GIA company also forecast that 2012 global consumption of synthetic rubber will reach nearly 15 million tons. Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) has the world’s largest synthetic rubber consumer market, accounting for 37% of world market share, followed by the European market accounted for 29%. In the past ten years, Asia-Pacific synthetic rubber consumption growth rate of the fastest average annual growth rate of 9.28%, followed by Latin America, growth in consumption in Europe is relatively slow. China is Asia’s largest synthetic rubber consumer market, accounting for 70% of total consumption in Asia. Varieties of synthetic rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber consumption is the largest, followed by the butadiene rubber. By 2015, global consumption of styrene-butadiene rubber, is expected to reach 6.7 million tonnes.

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