The detail descriptions of high quality silicone tubes

    High quality silicone tube is made of silicone material, which must be processed over and over until the molecule mixture very well by rubber mixing mill. In this process, there will be adding some auxiliary raw material, such as flame resistance power, foaming agent, and so on… 


    Silicone tubes are of some comprehensive traits, for example, good insulativity, ageing resistance , radiation resistance , High  and  low temperature resistance, oil resistance, antioxidant, and can be used for a durable time under the -60º~250º.


    Silicone tubings are widely used in many area such industries as Aviation, electronic, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food and so on. Nowadays, silicone tubing play more and more important roles in many areas, maybe you have seen the medical tubes, flame resistance tubes, foam silicone rubber tubes and so on… 

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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