The environmental protection product: silicone tubings

silicone tubings are widely used in our daily life, the features of silicone tubings are as following:

1.Healthy and environmental protection, no smell and shockproof;

2.Good elasticity, high tear strength, good flatness, resistance to high temperature strength;

3.Non-toxic,wear-resistant, slip resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and durability;

The kinds of silicone tubings include flame retardant silicone tubings, clear silicone tubings, colorful silicone tubings, weaving silicone tubings, hardness silicone tubings, soft silicone tubings, heatproof silicone tubings, food grade silicone tubings, platinum silicone tubings, medical silicone tubings, and transparent.

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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