The Features Of Silicone Rain Shoe Covers

The Features of silicone Rain Shoe Cover


The waterproof shoe cover is made of 100% high-quality non-toxic silicone rubber, which has excellent waterproof and anti-skid performance, can be reused, safe, durable and environmentally friendly.


Waterproof zipper design makes it easier to wear and avoid excessive tearing. It can also prevent rain or water from entering the shoe cover from the zipper.


Silicone shoe cover bottom anti-skid line, to ensure the safety of rain and snow. Silicone material is easy to clean, foldable, retractable, not easy to deform, good fit. In a pocket or backpack.


Rain shoe cover can protect your shoes from dust, rain and snow, especially in rainy or snowy days and outdoor activities (such as going to the beach, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, car washing, golf), garden, lawn work or kitchen cleaning. Protect your shoes in rain / snow / mud and keep them dry and clean all day.

The Features Of Silicone Rain Shoe Covers

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