The features of silicone sealing ring

silicone sealing ring is made of food grade silicone materials . The feature of silicone sealing ring are no deformation and no aging in extreme temperature conditions . Silicone sealing ring has reliability, longevity ,good Suitability and stability in extreme temperature .the melting point of silicone sealing ring are 932 degrees Fahrenheit .The use of constant temperature is 675 degrees Fahrenheit .Silicone sealing ring are high gloss ,not stick and surface smooth .
Now , Silicone sealing ring is widely use in crisper , lunch box, water cup, vacuum cup, pressure cooker, electric cooker, display screen, electronic screen and solar water heaters and other products . Our company is a professional silicone sealing ring manufacturer .Our main products include rubber hoses, rubber sheet, rubber seals, rubber parts, and silicone foam products. We hope to have the opportunity to work for you.


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