The Introduction Of Stretch And Seal Lids

The Introduction of Stretch and Seal Lids


Most stretch and seal lids are round shape. However, with the feature of super stretchy nature, you can use them on containers of virtually any shape . You can also find some square stretch lids, but these only work on square or rectangular containers, so they're less universal than their round counterparts.

Set size

It's practically unheard of to find a single silicone stretch lid for sale, they're almost exclusively sold in sets. These sets tend to contain somewhere between 6 and 12 lids in a range of different sizes, but you'll occasionally find larger or smaller sets.


Although the bulk of stretch and seal lids are clear, a few sets feature lids colored light blue, pink, or green. These are still slightly see-through, so you can easily see the contents of the container through the lid should you forget what's inside. Although the color of your stretch and seal lids doesn't make much difference, some buyers may prefer a colored option, and they are slightly easier to spot when stored in a white kitchen cabinet.

Ease of cleaning

Silicone is nonporous and food doesn't stick to it, so stretch and seal lids are generally easy to clean. The majority are dishwasher-safe, which is easier to clean.

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