The Joy Of Making DIY Silicone Resin Molds

The Joy Of Making DIY silicone Resin Molds


DIY the resin crafts with you family or friends.You will enjoy the process and like your own unique works. The resin mold is also work with epoxy, resins,light metals and plaster. You can add epoxy resin dye, resin pigment powder, flowers, glitter or other your favorite accessories to create your own beautiful crafts.


Outivity silicone resin moulds are perfect for yourself, families, friends or anyone who likes crafts projects. You could also make your unique creations as the Christmas,Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday gifts,etc.

HOW TO CLEAN the Mold:

1.Please clean the resin casting molds with clean water or rubbing alcohol before use, then use a soft cloth to wipe clean.

2.How to demold a resin mold: You can use a mold release spray to dry it in the mold or use a small drop of soapy water and some water as a release agent, press it down into the mold, and push the item from the bottom.


1.resin mold is made of silicone resin, safe and durable, not easy to damage. The appearance is transparent and you can check the progress at any time.

2.It is not only an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts, but also suitable for Tyros people who just started making resin diy molds.

3.Through your own imagination and support, this is really cool and full of special meaning. You are a designer who makes resin molds.

4.Note: When deciding to demold, make sure that the resin sheet is fully cured .

For small items, please stay away from babies, children, and children.

The Joy Of Making DIY Silicone Resin Molds

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