The notices of crisper silicone seal ring using at daily life

    The attentions of silicone seal ring for crisper are as follows:


1, firstly,you must make sure that the lid is open before heating it, and make sure that the liquid does’ t over two-thirds of the box to avoid overflowing.


2, secondly, please don’ t install carbonated beverage, because carbonated beverage can decay the silicone rubber sealing ring to destroy its performance.


3, thirdly, some food maybe leave some residuals within the trough between silicone ring and lid, so, how to clean completely is a extremly important thing. In this case, you can clean it with washing-up liquid, and than, leaving it under the sunshine three hours, and this method can kill germ.


4, lastly, washing-method: you must wash the crisper silicone seal ring termly, and than you can guarantee the box hygiene.

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