The power of dimethylsilicone oil

Dimethyl silicone oil, scientific name: polydimethylsiloxane, at present, there are hundreds of derivatives developed by it, but Laiyang Shengbang chemical mainly produces 201 dimethyl silicone oil, 201 silicone oil and 201 methyl silicone oil. Leather softener, release agent, defoamer, etc. The following is a specific taChina about how powerful dimethylsilicone oil is.

Properties: dimethylsilicone oil is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a silicone oil with no harm to human body. It has strong heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance and adhesion. It decreases with the increase of temperature and can conduct heat. Dimethylsilicone oil has certain insulation, low surface tension and good film ductility. It has the function of shock absorption, defoaming, lubrication and polishing. According to different uses, the amount added is also different, generally between 1% and 5%. It is usually stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place at normal temperature to avoid contact with acid and aChinaali.




Now let's taChina about the power of dimethylsilicone oil.


Two methyl silicone oil is used as emulsion, which can be used as leather softener, not only to make leather more comfortable, but also to add value to leather.


Dimethylsilicone oil as a mold release agent, mainly as the following several forms: automobile tire mold release agent, metal casting mold release agent, Plastic mold release agent, building mold release agent, aerated brick mold release agent, concrete mold release agent, etc. These products in the production process need dimethylsilicone oil to separate them from the mold, and can not damage the product surface. Therefore, dimethyl silicone oil is widely used.


Dimethyl silicone oil as defoamer mainly includes power plant desulfurization defoamer, bean products defoamer, printing and dyeing defoamer, sewage treatment defoamer, washing powder defoamer, etc.


It can really be said that dimethyl silicone oil is everywhere, it exists in all parts of our lives, so powerful!!!

The power of dimethylsilicone oil

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