The Precautions For Disinfection Of UV Lamp

With the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the world, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to their own safety problems. Each family began to take up masks, and also prepared 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant. Some more superior families would use ultraviolet lights to disinfect their own homes. UV lamp disinfection is good, but we also need to know what to pay attention to when using UV lamp disinfection. So in order not to let you go wrong, here will share with you some precautions when using ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.

The Precautions For Disinfection Of UV Lamp

  1. Before we start to use ultraviolet lamp for disinfection, we need to keep the room clean and tidy. Try not to have too much dust and moisture in the air, and the indoor temperature should not be lower than 20 ℃, otherwise we need to extend the disinfection time of ultraviolet lamp.

  2. When we use ultraviolet lamp to disinfect the indoor air environment, we need to close all the doors and windows. And the duration of disinfection with ultraviolet lamp shall not be less than one hour, otherwise it will not work. And in the process of using ultraviolet lamp for disinfection, people are not allowed to enter the room. If we must enter the room, we must stop the disinfection of the UV lamp before entering.


3. If we use ultraviolet to disinfect some things, such as quilts and clothes. We need to spread out or hang all the quilts and clothes. One is to increase the range of ultraviolet radiation. The other is to maximize the disinfection effect. It doesn't take that long to disinfect clothes. It's only about 30 minutes. People can't enter when disinfecting clothes.

The Precautions For Disinfection Of UV Lamp

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