The relationship between transparency and silicone tube quality

For the transparency of the medical silicone tube, many friends have questions, is not the higher the transparency of medical silicone tube that the better the quality? Many of you think this because the silicone tube we see in the usual drip is very transparent. But that’s because its wall thickness is relatively thin, silicone tube is smaller, so it will look like a very transparent feeling.

In fact, medical silicone tube is generally translucent with some foggy, not as we thought as highly transparent, because the color of silicone rubber itself is translucent, such as the production of the high transparency silicone tube, will change the physical structure of silicone rubber itself, which makes the parameters have changed, and ultimately affect the life of the medical silicone tube, although theoretically can be very transparent, this is unrealistic, which is determined by the nature of raw materials by the silicone rubber.

But compared to ordinary silicone tube, medical silicone tube for medical devices with high transparency, odorless, excellent anti-aging performance, high tear, excellent resilience, permanent deformation, resistance to weak acid and alkali, high and low temperature, etc., can be in -50-250 degrees normal work, has excellent insulation and permeability, the general use of imported silicone raw materials or platinum silicone tube as raw material.

For the silicone tube, transparency is not the standard for the quality of the characterization of its good or bad, but to see if the production process and products of the silicone tube in line with its use parameters.


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