The right way to wash your hands

Novel Coronavirus will transmit from person to person and have a certain range of community transmission. In addition to wearing a mask, in order to avoid virus infection, you must wash your hands frequently.2 after coughing or sneezing;3 during and after the preparation of food;4 before dinner;5. After going to the toilet;6 when hands are dirty;7. After contact with others;8. After contact with animals;9 After going out and coming back.

At the same time, the right hand washing washing technique to master the six steps: first step, both hands palm rub each other (folded hands rub five times) the second step, arms crossed the rubbing fingers (piled up palm opponent back, arms crossed, the hands to exchange the rub five times) the third step, palm rivals heart rubbed his fingers (palm relative fingers interlaced, rub five).

Step 4: Rub the palms of the fingertips with the same left and right hands (rub the fingertips together for five times) Step 5: Rub the thumbs of one hand with the other hand for five times with the same left and right hands Step 6: Bend the fingers to make the joints rotate and rub in the palms of the other hand, and exchange each rub for five times.

After washing, drying although the virus is threatening, but as long as scientific prevention, there is no insurmountable difficulties.

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