The usage of Glass fiber

Glass fiber sleeve, also known as self extinguishing tube, is mainly used in the insulation protection of H-class insulated motor, household appliances, lighting, electric heating products, electrical equipment and heat-resistant electrical appliances. silicone glass fiber sleeve (also known as silicone sleeve or self extinguishing tube) is made of aChinaali free glass fiber woven into a tube, then dipped with silicone resin and cured by heating. It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self extinguishing and softness.

Self extinguishing tube: full name of silicone glass fiber sleeve. The English name is "fiberglass silicon sleeping". It is also called glass fiber tube and silicon sleeve in China.

Description: * silicone glass fiber sleeve is made of environment-friendly glass fiber braided sleeve, and the surface is coated with silicone copolymer resin.

Working temperature: – 60 ℃~ 200 ℃

Rated voltage: 1.2kv/1.5v/2.5kv/4kv/7kv/10kv

The product has the advantages of softness, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, stable mechanical and insulation properties.

Purpose: This product is widely used in the protection and insulation treatment of internal connecting wires of commercial electronics, household appliances, electronic transformers, automotive wiring harness, energy-saving lamps, electronic equipment and instruments.

The performance parameters are as follows:

Temperature resistance: grade H (200 ℃)

Withstand voltage: 1.2KV, 1.5kV, 2.5KV, 4.0kv, 7.0kv, 10KV

Color: red, white, blue, black, etc

The usage of Glass fiber

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